The Battle for the Personal Injury Dollar

Author(s): Sloan H. Mandel

November 1, 2012

On November 12, 2012,  Shannon Kari of Canadian Lawyer interviewed Sloan Mandel for an article titled, “The Battle for the Personal Injury Dollar” in which they discuss the legal marketing initiative called the Personal Injury Alliance comprised of Thomson Rogers, McLeish Orlando LLP and Oatley Vigmond LLP.

Sloan Mandel, a partner at Thomson Rogers, says that one of the goals of the marketing alliance is to inform individuals who have been seriously injured that the decision on which lawyer to retain is not one to be made lightly. He says,

We want to get the message out to the public. If you have been seriously injured, do your homework. A catchy jingle is fine. But that is not the way you should choose your counsel. There is objective criteria that the public should consider,” which Mandel suggests should lead potential clients to choose one of the three firms in the alliance.

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