At Thomson Rogers, helping people get back on their feet and back to the life they love is the reason we do what we do. We have earned a reputation for relentlessly fighting for our clients to get them the results they deserve.

Marion H.

Darcy Merkur was absolutely fantastic in handling my case. I was extremely satisfied with the end result. He was direct, compassionate, got me excellent care and met me where I was at. I am so thankful and would recommend him for any personal injury. He and the firm are not like the typical personal injury firm you hear about; they really are like their ad:”from bedside to courtroom.” And I didn’t even have to go to court!

Jonathan E.

Please permit me to express my family’s deepest gratitude and appreciation to all of you at Thomson Rogers who diligently followed this case from inception to its final conclusion. It was a long drawn battle, but it all ended in praise and glory to God.

David Macdonald
Robert M Ben
Diane Breg
Elaine Becker
Sonya Gaudet
And many others who worked behind the scene.

We appreciate all your efforts in this case, which goes a long way to confirm without any iota of doubt that Thomson Rogers is one of the best personal injury lawyers in Canada as rated. A formidable legal team, whose diligence, tenacity and doggedness is anchored in experience founded on in-depth knowledge and practice in the field of personal injury law. You lived up to your billing the geographical divide between Canada and Nigeria where we are resident not withstanding.

As the curtain on this case is drawing to a close, we highly recommend this Thomson Rogers team to any would be client in Canada and beyond who may need the services of experts in personal injury law. As for me and my family, we will always maintain this invaluable contact with Thomson Rogers, a trusted corporate friend.


After a serious accident, Terry woke up in a hospital looking around wondering, what happened? The day of the accident, Terry doesn’t remember anything. He was out on the trails on a small dirt bike when he blacked out. Terry broke his neck, punctured both lungs, smashed his right eye out of its socket and broke 13 ribs. Apparently, he died 9 times that day. They told Terry’s daughter his dad would be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life and that he would be a vegetable.

Terry found Thomson Rogers personal injury lawyer Ian Furlong who helped him navigate through all the implications of his serious accident, allowing him to focus on recovery.


After a serious accident, Joseph remembers a car coming towards him and then he remembers nothingness. He was a pedestrian who was struck by a hit and run driver. The injuries were so bad doctor’s thought they might need to amputate his right leg. Joesph didn’t know if he would be confined to a wheelchair or if he would ever walk again.

Jospeh found Thomson Rogers personal injury lawyer Stacey Stevens who helped Joseph navigate through all the implications of his serious accident, allowing him to focus on recovery.

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