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After a serious accident, Joseph remembers a car coming towards him and then he remembers nothingness. He was a pedestrian who was struck by a hit and run driver. The injuries were so bad doctor’s thought they might need to amputate his right leg. Joesph didn’t know if he would be confined to a wheelchair or if he would ever walk again.

Jospeh found Thomson Rogers personal injury lawyer Stacey Stevens who helped Joseph navigate through all the implications of his serious accident, allowing him to focus on recovery.

Nancy Ryan

Nancy Ryan suffered a terrible accident while riding her motorcycle. Her left leg was seriously injured and as a result had to be amputated. Thomson Rogers was there to help.


Trauma Lawyer Darcy Merkur – Making a Difference

Nick was just a typical 20-year-old on his way to a hockey game the evening of the accident. He remembers the conditions were icy and that he had slid off the side of the road, hopped the curb and collided with a light pole. After that, his memory is foggy.

Immediately following the accident, Nick and his family knew little about the severity of his brain injury as doctors were mainly concerned with keeping him alive, but they knew there would be a large mountain to climb. That’s when they contacted Thomson Rogers’ trauma lawyer Darcy Merkur who helped Nick concentrate on his extraordinary recovery.


After a serious accident, John’s biggest fear was not knowing what happened or where his family was. It was the scariest time of his life. John had taken his son to Daytona for a race and taken his bike to practice with his son. John doesn’t remember starting his bike. He went over his handle bars, cracked his helmet, and suffered a brain injury where his whole right side doesn’t function properly. The doctor’s told him he would probably never walk again. His biggest fear was that he wouldn’t be able to support his children anymore.

John found Thomson Rogers personal injury lawyer Ian Furlong who met him in Peterborough within a week and changed his life. Ian helped John navigate through all the implications of his serious accident, allowing him to focus on recovery.

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