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Even though aircraft accidents are rare, as compared to car accidents, and there is, thankfully, an overall downward trend in the rate of aircraft accidents, those that do occur are very devastating to the passengers and their families and require rigorous investigation.

Aircraft accidents

Why Aircraft Accident Cases Are Complex

When it comes to aircraft accidents, multiple parties may be responsible, such as the airline, aircraft manufacturer, airplane parts manufacturer, or the plane maintenance company. When an aircraft crash occurs, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada investigates. These investigations are thorough and can take considerable time.

Further complicating aircraft accident litigation is that the number of people and entities involved means assigning fault for injury can be contentious and complicated. If the crash causes multiple injuries or deaths, victims and their families may need to decide whether to pursue actions individually or together in a class action.

Thomson Rogers Has the Necessary Legal Experience

Knowing your rights following an aviation accident or a plane crash is essential to preserve your ability to retain full compensation for your injuries and other damages. If you have been injured or a family member has been killed in an aircraft accident, you should contact a lawyer who is experienced in this complex legal area to protect your rights.

Thomson Rogers Personal Injury Lawyers has over 85 years of experience helping the seriously injured. We know the personal injury law that comes into play in litigation following an airplane accident. And we also have deep expertise with manufacturer product liability, class action law, and damages due to negligence. Our lawyers will answer your questions about how best to proceed with your claim.

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