TTC Zeroes in on location of Scarborough Subway Extension

Author(s): Denitza Koev

August 30, 2017

The City of Toronto and the TTC recently completed an Environmental Project Report (“Report”) for the Scarborough Subway Extension, which will continue the Bloor-Danforth Subway line from Kennedy Station to Scarborough Town Centre.

Proposed Route 

The proposed extension runs along Eglinton Avenue East to Danforth Road and then north along Danforth / McCowan Road to Scarborough Town Centre. This route is frequently referred to as the McCowan Corridor.

Impact to Property Owners and Businesses

The Report identifies at least 44 properties that are necessary to complete the extension project. A number of those properties are located along Danforth Road and Stanwell Drive. The Report indicates that the City will commence expropriation proceedings to acquire the needed lands if it cannot purchase properties. Property owners, businesses, and tenants who are approached by the City, the TTC or their agents should inform themselves about their rights before entering into an agreement. For more information, see our “Know Your Rights” section at the following page.

Opportunity to comment on the proposed Scarborough Subway Extension

The Report is available for public review until September 25, 2017. Persons who are concerned about the proposed extension may submit their objection or comments to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change on or before this deadline. The Minister must consider any written objections that were received by September 25, 2017. More information about the review process and how to submit an objection is available here.

The Minister will decide whether or not the City can proceed with the proposed subway extension after the review period. If the Scarborough Subway Extension is approved, it will eventually replace the existing rapid transit route (Line 3) to Scarborough Town Centre.

Scarborough Subway Extension - Image by AECOM
Image by AECOM.

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