Thomson Rogers Donating $80K in Celebration of Its 80th Anniversary

September 8, 2016

This year Thomson Rogers proudly celebrates its 80th anniversary as a Law Firm.  We look back through the years and fondly recall the many clients and friends who’ve touched our hearts and inspired us with their courage and perseverance.

To honour our clients and to recognize their ultimate achievements in reclaiming their lives following a traumatic injury, we decided to help them give back to the health care community which helped them through their trials and tribulations. A total of $80,000 will be donated in honour of our 80 years as a firm to various charities and organizations which have helped our clients and their families in their journey of recovery.

As part of this initiative, we invited past clients to share their stories with us.  We will be making a charitable donation on behalf of each client who submitted a story. In addition, we chose five very inspirational stories and matched our clients with the organization that was instrumental in their recovery:

Zoe Gottwald (War Amputees of Canada Champ Program);

Tina Manousos (Spinal Cord Injury Ontario);

Anthony Aquan-Assee (Ontario Brain Injury Association);

Scott Parkinson (Peterborough Head Injury Association); and,

Fere Humble (West park Hospital Amputee Clinic).

We need your help

We are looking to you to help us decide how to allocate the $80,000. All you have to do is visit Thomson Rogers’ Showcase of Courage, watch the videos, read the stories and vote, it’s that simple.

The campaign commences today September 8th and ends on November 4th.

Results will be announced at the Toronto Acquired Brain Injury Network Conference – downtown Marriott Hotel, on November 11th.

Feel free to share this with family and friends.

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