Proud Presenting Sponsor of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s Pee it Forward Campaign

November 24, 2022

TR Law is proud to show our support for people living with spinal cord injuries, as the Presenting Sponsor of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s #peeitforward campaign.

The #peeitforward campaign raises awareness and donations to support people with spinal injuries who require intermittent catheterization in order to empty their bladders. The daily supplies required for this basic human need can cost up to $2,400 a month – an unaffordable expense for many Ontarians.

Without access to affordable catheterization supplies, many people develop painful and dangerous health complications. In addition to the health risks and out-of-pocket costs, many people are at risk of losing their hard-won independence, simply because they can’t afford the equipment they need to urinate.

As one of the country’s leading personal injury law firms, we serve clients who have been seriously injured in accidents – helping them to obtain the compensation they need to move forward after a life-changing event. We understand the physical and social challenges that our clients face on a daily basis, and we see the systemic barriers that prevent people living with spinal cord injuries from enjoying independent and fulfilling lives.

We believe that everyone should be able to live in dignity, and that all people should be able to urinate without checking their bank balances first. We are proud to support the #peeitforward campaign and we encourage our friends and colleagues to contribute to this worthy cause. Learn more at:

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