Funny… We Don’t Feel 75

Author(s): Alan A. Farrer

December 1, 2010

We’re extremely proud to announce that 2011 marks our 75th year in business. As any company will tell you, by the very nature of longevity alone, getting to this ripe old age is quite an achievement. But it also speaks volumes about the quality of the several generations of lawyers who have populated our firm since our founding in 1935 and the consistently high levels of service and caring they have brought to our clients.

However, being a successful law firm doesn’t maintain its level of success because of lawyers alone. The lawyers of our firm are part of a team, a team that includes paralegals, law clerks, legal assistants, administrative assistants, investigators and researchers. So from all of the players on our team, we offer our heartfelt appreciation, because we really could not have gotten here without you.

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