After arguing a lengthy and complicated medical malpractice trial, Thomson Rogers lawyers Sloan Mandel, Aleks Mladenovic and Deanna Gilbert were successful in obtaining a judgement in favour of Mr. Denman, a client who was left with catastrophic brain damage following a medical procedure.

The trial judge found that Mr. and Mrs. Denman had been misled by the defendant physicians about the “scope, efficacy, risk and need for medical intervention” and also agreed that if appropriate disclosure had been made, Mr. Denman (and any reasonable patient in his position) would have declined or deferred the treatment. Ultimately, the judge found that the defendant surgeons failed to obtain their patient’s informed consent.

The judge also found that one of the experts that the defendant physicians sought to rely upon was biased. He was not permitted to testify.

We are hopeful that this result will allow Mr. Denman and his family to continue with the process of healing and rebuilding their lives.

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