In Canada, prescription use of opioid medications increased immensely between 2000 and 2010, even though the proportion of Canadians who reported experiencing chronic pain did not change substantially over this period. This has resulted in an opioid epidemic and widespread opioid use disorder.

Amid the opioid epidemic in effect in Canada and abroad, the British pharmaceutical company, Indivior PLC, produced and marketed a drug called Suboxone, aimed at addressing opioid addiction.

A side effect of ingesting Suboxone is dental erosion and decay. Indivior and its affiliates were allegedly aware of this effect, yet, for nearly two decades, the labelling of Suboxone did not contain any warnings related to the risk of tooth damage associated with its prescribed use. Thomson Rogers is currently investigating a potential legal claim regarding these issues.

If you are a current or former user of Suboxone that has been affected, please contact:
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