Laurel McClean – “Plan on enjoying what the future holds for us”

Author(s): David F. MacDonald

July 5, 2016

The collision happened August 12, 2009 at 5:30 pm. A car, heading west on Glen Road ran a stop sign and Laurel, heading north on Kirkfield Road, hit the car’s front quarter driver’s side.

The driver of the westbound vehicle died at the scene. Her husband, in the passenger seat, was taken to Ross Memorial Hospital with broken ribs. Laurel was airlifted to Sunnybrook Hospital.

The responding OPP officer blamed the collision on Laurel from the start, even though physics proved differently. The OPP records were altered to suit their case against Laurel.

David MacDonald was hired by John immediately . He was recommended by our insurance company. Mr. MacDonald also hired a criminal lawyer because of the charge of careless driving against Laurel. We believe Mr. MacDonald was concerned that the charge could be worse than merely careless driving. A reconstruction engineer was hired to prove the events of the collision. The OPP were chastized by the engineer for their position. It took 6 months to clear Laurel.

Laurel had 4 surgeries on her ankle and one surgery on her left wrist. Physiotherapy started many months after the accident and Laurel was able to start walking again. Shoulder surgery was required when Laurel started swimming physiotherapy.

There were many hospital and doctor appointments requested by the other insurance company and a change in lawyers for them. Police reports went missing. Meetings were postponed. Mr. MacDonald and his team kept us calm and kept us informed.

We went to pretrial and the judge apologized for what we were put through. We finally settled 10 days before jury selection. David MacDonald and his team had come through for us.

Our lives have been totally altered. Laurel will never work again or do many of the things she did before. We are financially okay thanks to Mr. McDonald’s advice, and plan on enjoying what the future holds for us.

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